Do You Have Critics?

Pastor Brad Graves

Written by Brad Graves, Senior Pastor

Do You Have Critics?

We all have them. Critics. Ugh!

How do you handle your critics? 

I love the quote “unsolicited advice is often seen as criticism.” 

I believe the stereotype is true that critical people will never run out of content to criticize. 

A critical spirit is a sin problem. 

Nehemiah had critics. Three men were especially critical of him. Tobiah, Sanballat, and Geshem were evil and had horrible motives.  

How did he handle them? The most significant thing he did was Separate the Problem from the Person. Maybe you need to do that too. His problem was rebuilding the wall, not answering his critics. 

Notice these scripture excerpts on how Nehemiah handled his critics;

4:9 “...Nevertheless we made our prayer to our God”

4:15 “...God had brought their plot to nothing”

4:20 “...Our God will fight for us”

5:14 “...Because I feared God”

6:3 “…Why should the work cease”

6:9 “...Now therefore, O God, strengthen my hands”

13:1 “...However, our God turned the curse into a blessing” 

Point is, when you are criticized and opposed...

  • Pray first
  • Allow God to work
  • Fear God and follow Him
  • Stay focused on your mission
  • Celebrate the activity of God!

Don’t get caught in the weeds of criticism. 

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