Junior High & High School Ministries

Helping students find and follow Jesus.

Ada First Students is built to help Junior High and High School students find and follow Jesus.

Our primary large gathering is on Wednesday Nights at 6:30PM in our Activities Building. We experience a high-energy worship service followed by a powerful message straight from God's word, and then we break into Pivot Groups, which are small groups split up by gender and age that allow students the opportunity to grow in their faith together.

School Year Hours

  • Wednesday Nights:

Doors Open - 3:30PM

Food Served - 6:00PM

Worship Service - 6:30PM to 7:30PM.

  • Sunday Mornings

Worship Service - 10:00AM in the Worship Center

Connect Group - 11:15AM

Our Leadership

Kyle Mott joined our team as our Student Pastor in January 2014. To connect with Kyle, click here!

Mark Pickel joined our team as Student Discipleship Director in May 2019.

For Students who have Completed 7th through 12th Grades.

Got questions?

If you have further questions concerning our student ministry or visiting Ada First with students, simply click the button below and get in touch with us!